Thursday, December 31, 2009

21st Century breakdown

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

21st century breakdown is a latest song by American punk rock band Green Day, the song is based upon real life events of bands Billie Joe Armstrong(in right side)
This song is one of my favourite tracks, and a must have for iPod owners, 21st century breakdown is the second track after "Song of the century". The song actually consists of three different phases of music beats, the 2nd phase is the one i most enjoy, the second phase is characterised by fast beats and quick singing work by Billie, the best part of song is when Billie sings, "I'm the long lost son". Thats the best part of song. It also consist of some of the lines from earlier album like "Working class hero". Due to the high success of this track "WB" has taken many initiatives to stop the song from being downloaded illegaly. This is the best song and the lyrics of the songs are even great. Its a perfect blend of beats, rhythm and lyrics. I hope Green Day will come up with some more tracks like "21st century breakdown".

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The newspaper", a song written by me.

Its a song i just wrote yesterday, its a sequel of my other song, hope you guys will lyk it!

Its sunday morning, u wake up frm,
you walk to the door nd pick up the paper,
the news reads the worlds nomore,
wake up, wake up, wake up, nd u tear up the paper.

The whole world goes in crowd,
everybody standup and shout,
that body of yours is rottening nw,
and the death is wat u will waitning out!

The emotions u had, have dried out,
u've never thought the world will end lyk this,
bt i'm the sorry i'm breakin' out!

Face it, or forget it,
the paper still reads,"world is nomore"
there nothing u can do about it?
Theres everything u had about it?

In midnight another story is about to begin,
those stones had just entered in,
when the time comes to nothin'
i wanted to you to hear sumthing.

I LOVE YOU for everything nd nothing,
nd the paper still reads,"the worlds
i knw we won't be to together anymore,
coz the paper still reads," the words nomore,
nd there will be no love anymore,
and newspaper reads,"the worlds nomore"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A wonderful start
So, here i'm, today i finally decided to start writing on my blog? But i'm still wondering with wat should i start with. I'm still a rookie in writing blog se please accept my apologies in advance in case if anything goes wrong. Some times I think what its feel like to be a nobody? Well ask me, most of time I feel like ignored! Its not I only feel being ignored but, actually they really ignore me? Thats gets me in depression but soon i learned that the people who ignore me aren't my friends in real but my foes, and now i don't care for whatever they say! Actually i heard this line somdwhere, "People can only do backbitting when you're two step ahead of them". So, now i don't give'em a shit, wait we're forgetting what we were talking about? I guess it would be better if we leave the rest of work for some other day.