Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kanye: You Suck!

Kanye snatching mic from Taylor Swift, during VMA 2009

I myself a very big fan of Taylor Swift and when i saw this just two words came out from my mouth for looser Kanye West: "You Suck"

This happened[KANYE] [ sux]when Taylor Swift was giving her accepetance speach for "Best Video of the year" for her track"You belong to me", suddenly Kanye[loser] came up to the stage and snatched the mic from Taylors hands and shoute,"Beyonces Single Ladies, was the best video of all time" I don't remember if
anybody called up him on the stage? And its not the first he has interrupted someone? Well after his acts he was rulled out of his later performances in the "MT8 VMA 2009".

His acts led him into critisism by many celebrities and even US
President Barack Obama critisized his "mic stealing act" in an comment.

He later apologised for his acts but he didn't apologise to Taylor! In an TV Interview with Taylor in which Taylor when asked, said that he hadn't apologised to her, after watching that interview Kanye called her up apologised to her for his acts.

During the 2009 Country Music Awards the kanye's act was humoursly re-enacted by "Brad paisley" and "little Jimmy Dickens" with dickens stealing the mic during paisley speech just to say Taylor swifts video was better.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A song for you k2
I think you can do much
better than me
After all the lies that I made
you believe
Guilt kicks in and I start to
The edge of the bed
Where your nightgown used
to be
I told myself I won't miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you
I really miss your hair in my
And the way your innocence
And I think you should know
You deserve much better
than me
While looking through your
old box of notes
I found those pictures I took
That you were looking for
If there's one memory I don't
want to lose.
I told myself I won't miss you
But I remember
What it feels like beside you
I really miss your hair in my
And the way your innocence
And I think you should know
You deserve much better
than me

Nostradamus The Man with future vision

Nostradamus, real name "Michel de Nostradamese", born on Decemeber 14th, 1503, died in 1566 he is well known seer who had predicted many major events 4 century earlier, his most famous book was was Les Propheties(The Prophecies). Some people view him as a Prophet, even i'm one of them. Despite of his popularity none of his book has been published. He was Jewish by birth but his father became a catholic, so later he was turned catholic.

One of the famous event of his life was when a young monk, swineheard passed through him, he immediately knelt down and called him "your holiness", the monk later after became 'Pope Sexus V' in 1585, 16 years after his death. Now, i ask you? What are your thoughts about him?

Other of his predictions were written in his prophecies in the form of text, and images.

For e.g:
"The Great man will struck down by thunderbolts in day time", by this he predicted the Kennedy assasination, proof? The Great man is Kennedy, thunderbolts here are gunshots, and he was killed during daytime.

"beasts wild with hunger will cross river, the greater part of battlefied will be against hister, he will drag the leaders in cage of iron, when the child of germany observes no law", so by this hope you've guessed the prediction yeah its "Adolf Hitler" although he called him hister.

"in the city of god there will be great thunder two brothers torn apart by chaos. while the fortress endures the great leader will succumb" lets say 'city of god' is New York, 'two brothers' be twin towers, 'fortress' be Pentagon, and 'Great leader' be the USA!

These were some of the predictions that Nostradamus made during his lifetime, now what you'll call him? Prophet? Seer? Astrologer? Or The God himself?

Its your how you view this Great Person? Some people won't agree me with my words, i apologise them in advance but according He was none less than an angel.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 10 list of cars

Top 10 cars on the list

No 1 on the list porsche 911 gt3 

No 2 Toyota FT-HS
No. 3 Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing
No 4 Lamborghini Gallardo
No 5 Ford Mustang GTR
No 6 Jaguar XJ
No 7 Rolls Royce 200ex
No 8 SAAB Aero-X
No 9 Nissan Skyline
No 10 BMW M3

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Together we'll walk

You are always on my mind,
When you come around i get shy,
Never know when you might walk by,
so i gotta be right on time
when i see you


The Luckiest Man

I found this very interesting topic. Its about a man named Bill Morgan, the man with extra-ordinary luck.
Well the string of his luck began when he was crushed in truck accident and got a fatal heart attack. Clinically dead for 14 minutes, he was revived, after 12 days in comma he woke up with his equipment intact, which were before asked to unplug.lucky

After he became well enough to wak, he went to a shop where he fell in love at first sight with a girl Lisa Wells, who said yes to Dave's first proposallucky again?

Bill Morgan in a newspaper photo

And, then one day he bought a scratch card in which he won a brand new car worth $17000that was lucky and after listening to his story of luck, a local news channel impresseb by his string of luck decided to show his story on TV and re-enact his scratch card win.

During the renactment, he bought a scratch card and again won $250,000.Lucky again! No doubt that guy is lucky and moreover, in another TV renactment he won $150 for $5 scratch card.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dan Brown
Dan Brown
Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors, he is well renowned for his book "The DaVinci code". Most of his novels are sent on a tresure hunt, with protoagonist "Robert Langdon" are character in his books. DaVinci code is 2003 mystery, puzzle solving action adventure novel; two main characters of the novel are Robert Langdon, a symbologist and Sophie Neveu, a police officer in france. The story is plotted in paris where Robert Langdon is called due to his relevance with case and seeking his help to solve the mystery; actually the police officers considered him as the culprit; Sophie Neveu, who knew that he is innocent helps him to escape from paris, and together they start their journey to reveal the layers of history related to "Priory of Sion" and "Jesus's" daughter "Mary Magdalene".

The novel is named "DaVinci Code" due to the events that took place during the story. Moreover, it also depicts role of Leonardo Da Vinci in christianity and Priory of Sion. The revolves around the clues in Leonardo's paintings, books, his symbols etc. For example: "The Last Supper"
Mary Magdalene sitting with Jesus in Leonardo's "Last Supper"

The novel provoked the myths of "Holy Grail" and "History and Truth of Christianity", the book itself has seen my critisization from the "Roman Catholic Church" and by other christian dominions, for its attack on the foundation of christianity. Moreover, it was also critisized for its inaccuracy in historical and scientfic inaccuracy. It also sparked the facts related to Mary Magdalene and her existence. And question, if there was anything like Holy Grail.

The book is a bestseller worldwide, with selling over 80 million copies till 2009, the book has been translated into 44 languages.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the one i love! of all, i would like to tell my blog readers that todays post is dedicated to a girl, who hold a very important place in my life.

I met this girl on orkut, she was in my friendlist for a long time but i didn't know her. Then one day we started to talk to each other, i remember that day was January 13th, 2009, i still remember i was very sad and angry on that day. And after talking to her i felt better. After that day we started to talking to each other daily, our bond grew stronger nd stronger. We started to call each other with different nick names, she used to call me "A2" or "my chimp". Watching closeness in between us people started to get jealous of us. And two or three times i was even threatened to stay away from her. But, this did no good to me or them. One day we went on talking, and we talked on, nd talked upto 2 am in night, actually the talk ended when i eventually fell asleep. Soon, i was in love with her. But she had a bitter experience so she didn't want to be in love with anyone. Well this disheartened me, but didn't take me down. And 2-3 months later we were best of friends. I was so in love that i totally forgot my studies so i gave it a break and for 1 month i was away from her. But when i came back, things had changed for me! The girl that i used to love had changed a lot, she was not the one i knew. I don't know what happened to her.

There was another girl before her, nd she was very sad, and the reason for her pain was me, so i thought i can make her li'l happy. . .i also tried to find a bf for her, i met wid this Guy Prashant Kapoor, he was a very nice guy. So, i thought he would be a prfect bf for her[the sad girl].

But when i was making the sad girl happy, distance between the gal i loved was widening, and became too large, now she hated me, and she also deleted me from her account, i was complete heartbroken and on January 1st 2010, i was so sad that i even deleted my Orkut account, but in the ending i gave Prashant the job of winning over "sad girls" heart. And the girl i loved. . . . . . . .

If you can see this, then i just want to say I still Love you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wish you a Happy New Year 2010


The 2010 is here! The Dimension Switch Group wishes all of the visitors a very prosprous year 2010. Lets make some good resolution together. My 2009 was full of good and memories, so will be 2010! So, rather wasting any time lets wat 2010 has planned for us.