Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kanye: You Suck!

Kanye snatching mic from Taylor Swift, during VMA 2009

I myself a very big fan of Taylor Swift and when i saw this just two words came out from my mouth for looser Kanye West: "You Suck"

This happened[KANYE] [ sux]when Taylor Swift was giving her accepetance speach for "Best Video of the year" for her track"You belong to me", suddenly Kanye[loser] came up to the stage and snatched the mic from Taylors hands and shoute,"Beyonces Single Ladies, was the best video of all time" I don't remember if
anybody called up him on the stage? And its not the first he has interrupted someone? Well after his acts he was rulled out of his later performances in the "MT8 VMA 2009".

His acts led him into critisism by many celebrities and even US
President Barack Obama critisized his "mic stealing act" in an comment.

He later apologised for his acts but he didn't apologise to Taylor! In an TV Interview with Taylor in which Taylor when asked, said that he hadn't apologised to her, after watching that interview Kanye called her up apologised to her for his acts.

During the 2009 Country Music Awards the kanye's act was humoursly re-enacted by "Brad paisley" and "little Jimmy Dickens" with dickens stealing the mic during paisley speech just to say Taylor swifts video was better.

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