Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nostradamus The Man with future vision

Nostradamus, real name "Michel de Nostradamese", born on Decemeber 14th, 1503, died in 1566 he is well known seer who had predicted many major events 4 century earlier, his most famous book was was Les Propheties(The Prophecies). Some people view him as a Prophet, even i'm one of them. Despite of his popularity none of his book has been published. He was Jewish by birth but his father became a catholic, so later he was turned catholic.

One of the famous event of his life was when a young monk, swineheard passed through him, he immediately knelt down and called him "your holiness", the monk later after became 'Pope Sexus V' in 1585, 16 years after his death. Now, i ask you? What are your thoughts about him?

Other of his predictions were written in his prophecies in the form of text, and images.

For e.g:
"The Great man will struck down by thunderbolts in day time", by this he predicted the Kennedy assasination, proof? The Great man is Kennedy, thunderbolts here are gunshots, and he was killed during daytime.

"beasts wild with hunger will cross river, the greater part of battlefied will be against hister, he will drag the leaders in cage of iron, when the child of germany observes no law", so by this hope you've guessed the prediction yeah its "Adolf Hitler" although he called him hister.

"in the city of god there will be great thunder two brothers torn apart by chaos. while the fortress endures the great leader will succumb" lets say 'city of god' is New York, 'two brothers' be twin towers, 'fortress' be Pentagon, and 'Great leader' be the USA!

These were some of the predictions that Nostradamus made during his lifetime, now what you'll call him? Prophet? Seer? Astrologer? Or The God himself?

Its your how you view this Great Person? Some people won't agree me with my words, i apologise them in advance but according He was none less than an angel.

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