Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the one i love!

http://th08.deviantart.net/fs28/300W/i/2008/058/5/a/Anime_Couple_by_Fuko_chan.jpgFirst of all, i would like to tell my blog readers that todays post is dedicated to a girl, who hold a very important place in my life.

I met this girl on orkut, she was in my friendlist for a long time but i didn't know her. Then one day we started to talk to each other, i remember that day was January 13th, 2009, i still remember i was very sad and angry on that day. And after talking to her i felt better. After that day we started to talking to each other daily, our bond grew stronger nd stronger. We started to call each other with different nick names, she used to call me "A2" or "my chimp". Watching closeness in between us people started to get jealous of us. And two or three times i was even threatened to stay away from her. But, this did no good to me or them. One day we went on talking, and we talked on, nd talked upto 2 am in night, actually the talk ended when i eventually fell asleep. Soon, i was in love with her. But she had a bitter experience so she didn't want to be in love with anyone. Well this disheartened me, but didn't take me down. And 2-3 months later we were best of friends. I was so in love that i totally forgot my studies so i gave it a break and for 1 month i was away from her. But when i came back, things had changed for me! The girl that i used to love had changed a lot, she was not the one i knew. I don't know what happened to her.

There was another girl before her, nd she was very sad, and the reason for her pain was me, so i thought i can make her li'l happy. . .i also tried to find a bf for her, i met wid this Guy Prashant Kapoor, he was a very nice guy. So, i thought he would be a prfect bf for her[the sad girl].

But when i was making the sad girl happy, distance between the gal i loved was widening, and became too large, now she hated me, and she also deleted me from her account, i was complete heartbroken and on January 1st 2010, i was so sad that i even deleted my Orkut account, but in the ending i gave Prashant the job of winning over "sad girls" heart. And the girl i loved. . . . . . . .

If you can see this, then i just want to say I still Love you!


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  2. i know that feeling Adi..
    Aap akeli aisa love k shikar hani hain.. :(
    nd nd.. i can see that typical jylopi writting of holy scripture.. :D
    So love ya too man..

  3. Thanx! I'm sure someday the wait will end! And lets hope she also sees it.

  4. lol..k let's hopeeeeeeeee......