Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dan Brown
Dan Brown
Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors, he is well renowned for his book "The DaVinci code". Most of his novels are sent on a tresure hunt, with protoagonist "Robert Langdon" are character in his books. DaVinci code is 2003 mystery, puzzle solving action adventure novel; two main characters of the novel are Robert Langdon, a symbologist and Sophie Neveu, a police officer in france. The story is plotted in paris where Robert Langdon is called due to his relevance with case and seeking his help to solve the mystery; actually the police officers considered him as the culprit; Sophie Neveu, who knew that he is innocent helps him to escape from paris, and together they start their journey to reveal the layers of history related to "Priory of Sion" and "Jesus's" daughter "Mary Magdalene".

The novel is named "DaVinci Code" due to the events that took place during the story. Moreover, it also depicts role of Leonardo Da Vinci in christianity and Priory of Sion. The revolves around the clues in Leonardo's paintings, books, his symbols etc. For example: "The Last Supper"
Mary Magdalene sitting with Jesus in Leonardo's "Last Supper"

The novel provoked the myths of "Holy Grail" and "History and Truth of Christianity", the book itself has seen my critisization from the "Roman Catholic Church" and by other christian dominions, for its attack on the foundation of christianity. Moreover, it was also critisized for its inaccuracy in historical and scientfic inaccuracy. It also sparked the facts related to Mary Magdalene and her existence. And question, if there was anything like Holy Grail.

The book is a bestseller worldwide, with selling over 80 million copies till 2009, the book has been translated into 44 languages.


  1. mujhko to abhi wo book parna hain..
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  2. Hehe, u should read the books next part "The lost Symbol"