Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The newspaper", a song written by me.

Its a song i just wrote yesterday, its a sequel of my other song, hope you guys will lyk it!

Its sunday morning, u wake up frm,
you walk to the door nd pick up the paper,
the news reads the worlds nomore,
wake up, wake up, wake up, nd u tear up the paper.

The whole world goes in crowd,
everybody standup and shout,
that body of yours is rottening nw,
and the death is wat u will waitning out!

The emotions u had, have dried out,
u've never thought the world will end lyk this,
bt i'm the sorry i'm breakin' out!

Face it, or forget it,
the paper still reads,"world is nomore"
there nothing u can do about it?
Theres everything u had about it?

In midnight another story is about to begin,
those stones had just entered in,
when the time comes to nothin'
i wanted to you to hear sumthing.

I LOVE YOU for everything nd nothing,
nd the paper still reads,"the worlds
i knw we won't be to together anymore,
coz the paper still reads," the words nomore,
nd there will be no love anymore,
and newspaper reads,"the worlds nomore"

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