Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A wonderful start

So, here i'm, today i finally decided to start writing on my blog? But i'm still wondering with wat should i start with. I'm still a rookie in writing blog se please accept my apologies in advance in case if anything goes wrong. Some times I think what its feel like to be a nobody? Well ask me, most of time I feel like ignored! Its not I only feel being ignored but, actually they really ignore me? Thats gets me in depression but soon i learned that the people who ignore me aren't my friends in real but my foes, and now i don't care for whatever they say! Actually i heard this line somdwhere, "People can only do backbitting when you're two step ahead of them". So, now i don't give'em a shit, wait we're forgetting what we were talking about? I guess it would be better if we leave the rest of work for some other day.

1 comment:

  1. hey....
    whu is ignoring u yar???..
    noone ignores u yar...
    everybdy lyks u fr wt u r..

    okay......u r gud enough nd thts it..